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Summer 2020

We are in for a much different summer then we have ever had before. I am thankful that our government has allowed us to be together a little more and we are adjusting how youth group happens for the summer.  We have split our group into 5 geographic regions and will be attempting to meet together in these groups on a regular basis and are calling these Back Yard Hangouts.

A few things that we must do. 

  • You must contact the host of your back yard hangout and tell them you are coming. Provincial guidelines state we may only have groups of 10 and if you don’t tell your host, a spot can not be reserved for you and you may not be able to stay.  

  • We need to abide by all social distancing rules as instructed by our provincial government and our local health units, we must maintain the social distance of 2 meters, no hugs or high fives, no sharing snacks, etc..

  • Bring a lawn chair with you if you have one, not every host has enough lawn chairs for everyone

  • To lessen the work load and risk to our hosts we ask that washrooms only be used for extreme emergencies.  

  • If you feel at all unwell, stay home, scratchy throat, stay home, etc…. Let your host know you will not be attending if you have already signed up to let someone else have your spot. 

  • We will be asking everyone to wash or sanitize their hands when they arrive.  

  • For the time being we ask that you stay with the group you have been assigned to so that we can ensure we stay with in provincial guidelines.  

  • Should a case show up in our region or in one of our groups we will reassess how we are doing summer youth group and we will be notifying everyone as well as the health unit. Attendance will be taken every time. 

  • If you don’t feel comfortable with sending your children to these events, that’s ok, know that there are others who are not participating because of safety concerns too. Your family’s safety is very important and we value the precautions you are taking.  

  • There are Wednesday evenings and Friday evening events, please check with your Host on which day has been chosen. Thanks for being flexible 


We have 5 hosts who have opened up their back yards for us to get together and we are very thankful.


You need to text your host to let them know you are coming



Young Adult Hang Out, Host, Snell's (519) 357-6404

Wingham Hang Out, Host, Westra's (519) 357-6501

Auburn Hang Out, Hosts, Beacom's (519) 441-0714

Londesboro Hang Out, Hosts, Buttar's (519) 955-3683

Westfield Hang Out, Hosts, Campbell's (519) 523-9806


Questions or comments, let Rob know (519) 525-7400


  • Huron Chapel Has Right Now Media, if you could like the invite  please email or text Rob

  • If you are looking for some great daily devotions You Version has them. 

  • Our church is doing online messages every Sunday morning at 10:30 ​

  • If you are looking to connect with any of our youth leaders, they are just a text message away and would be happy to hear from you.  

Contact us:

Rob Campbell

Phone: 519-525-7400

Email: rob_campbell@me.com


119 John Street

Auburn, Ontario



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