wednesday night youth
every wednesday at 6:30pm
for grades 7 to 12

From September to June, Wednesday nights are where we dive in head first and study the Bible and topics relevant to students today. We do this through large group teaching time and small groups. Small groups provide the chance to dig deeper into topics, ask questions and form one-on-one connections. We also have a lot of fun! Students can enjoy snack shack, board games, and time in the gym!

To register for our program, visit our REGISTER page.

friday night youth
friday nights
for grades 7 to 12

Friday Night Youth events are the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax and have fun! Friday nights include things like laser tag, tubing, games night, camp outs, games and hangout nights and much more! Friday nights are the perfect opportunity to bring a friend, and spend time with the people you've connected with from Wednesday nights!

To see what's coming up on a Friday night, please check out our EVENTS page.

every sunday during the school year AT 9:30AM
for grades 7 to 12

Sunday Mornings we provide two ways for youth to be involved in our church and to connect. The first is through Sunday School. This is a time of learning, connecting and digging deep into the Bible! 


The second is through becoming part of a team in our church and learning to serve. Want to learn more on how to serve and become part of a team? Please contact Rob so we can help you find your best fit!

during church events
for grades 7 to 12

Looking for a way for your student to get some volunteer hours and learn how to be a team player while learning great skills? Volunteering at Huron Chapel is a great way to do all of those things!

While we encourage our youth to get on a serving team, there are also lots of opportunities throughout the year to volunteer at church like VBS, weekend church events and more! Please contact Rob if you would like to volunteer at our next church event.

mentoring & coaching
available throughout the year
for grades 7 to 12

At Huron Chapel Youth, we strongly encourage our youth to find their own spiritual mentors. This can be someone inside or outside of our youth ministry, and we provide our students with tools to make good decisions about who should be a mentor. Please contact Rob if you or your teen are interested in having someone become your students mentor.

Interested in serving in youth ministry? Let us help you find your best fit! We are here to help you use your gifts and passions to serve the Church and build God's Kingdom!

Head to the Contact Us page, and we'll get you started! 

If your student is going through a tough time, and would like some one on one time with a youth leader without committing to a mentorship, please contact us. We are here to provide prayer, encouragement and support throughout all life's situations.

We can also provide coaching. This happens in the form of one on one meetings with an intended purpose, change or outcome. For more information on coaching, please contact Rob.

Who is huron chapel youth?

Huron Chapel Youth is a ministry of Huron Chapel EMC for students and their families from grades 7 through to 12. Huron Chapel Youth is a place to come learn about Jesus through His Word (the Bible) while creating lifelong friendships. 


Huron Chapel Youth is run by an amazing team of volunteers who are passionate about seeing the next generation growing closer to Jesus. Our Youth Leaders participate in small groups, and regularly make time for our youth through mentorship, activities outside of youth group, and getting involved in their lives through working with parents and families.

Our Mission and Values

The Huron Chapel EMCC Families Mission Statement is 


Loving Jesus Serving Jesus Together 

Values are partly descriptive and partly prescriptive.  The following values tell us about ‘who we are in some measure’ and ‘who we want to become.’  

Our values also enrich our understanding on what we mean by Loving Jesus, Serving Jesus, Together. 

We live out this mission by loving Jesus, preaching, studying and applying God’s Word, living on Jesus’ Mission as we bless others and share the Good News, growing in our love for each others, sharing generously, and expressing our life in Jesus with joyful passion.  Join us in this exciting journey of ‘becoming’ all that the Lord Jesus has ‘called to be’!

  1. We value Loving Jesus and are learning to be like Him in our attitudes, behaviours and character.

  2. We value the Word of God - preached, studied, and applied.

  3. We value the Mission of Jesus demonstrated by blessing others and proclaiming the message, near and far.

  4. We value Loving Relationships, and seek a deeper love for God and for others

  5. We value Generosity, giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our time, talents, and treasures.

  6. We value Passionate Spirituality and joy that comes from glorifying God in all that we do.


Huron Chapel is a member of Plan to Protect Canada, an organization dedicated to the creation and implementation of safety procedures in organizations that work with youth and children across the country. Our church adheres to strict screening processes for all our volunteers as well as health and safety procedures for all our programs. We aim to keep all our children, youth and volunteers safe at all times. Through regular training and adherence to volunteer and program policies, Huron Chapel provides a safe environment for children and youth to learn and grow.

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